What We Do

Commercial Benefits Services, Inc., is an independent insurance brokerage firm that has been providing customized lines of insurance for companies of all sizes and industries for over 30 years.

We provide an unbiased, honest assessment of your company’s current benefit situation. If you’re doing it right, we’ll let you know! If something in your benefits package is no longer effective, we’ll show you how you can optimize at the lowest possible cost.

Benefits Consultation Customized for You

Being your insurance broker is only a small portion of our value, after all, there is nothing distinguishing about simply collecting quotes. The Affordable Care Act has created new, numerous, and unique products and strategies that can be employed by companies all over the nation. Having the ability and experience to take advantage of these is where the real challenge lies, and what distinguishes Commercial Benefit Services, Inc. from others that can’t.

We guide you through long-term solutions to create an employee benefits package that will help you become an employer of choice. Calling on our vast experience in navigating the ever-changing insurance landscape, we provide you a customized employee benefits package, along with consulting services that will help you plan, manage, and adjust your whole benefits package as needed.

Keeping You ACA-Compliant: The myriad of changes in the insurance industry can be tricky to follow. We guide you through the nuances of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and ensure your company stays in compliance.

Long-Term Planning: Many brokers can only plan year to year when guiding businesses through their insurance options. Our brokers work with you to create a proactive, multi-year plan that saves you money and preserves the quality of your benefits over the long run.

Outside Consulting: We partner with esteemed professionals in related fields, such as Houston-based insurance law firms and 401k expert advisors, to provide dedicated advice for all matters pertaining to your employee benefits package. We strive to be your one stop solution for all your benefits needs.

Avoiding Fines: We calculate potential fines associated with your current benefits (or those you are considering) and provide avenues for avoiding those fines introduced under ACA changes. This includes issues such as incorrect 1095C submission and the failure to conduct mandatory discrimination testing an annual basis.

Our Lines of Coverage

Our partnership/team approach handles all your company’s insurance needs.

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