What Makes Us Unique

Our Key Differentiators

We’ve been perfecting the employee benefits process for over three decades, and we have seen the employee benefits industry go through some significant changes over the years. We’ve always succeeded in the wake of change, thanks to our focus on what employees need and how employers can most succinctly fulfill that need.

We help you become an employer of choice. By developing your plan to offer the benefits your employees will appreciate most, we help you show your employees that you listen to their needs. Engaging and educating your employees about the health care options you offer improves their peace of mind – and ultimately their performance in the workplace. Becoming an employer of choice will attract and retain your valued talent.

We embrace new legislation. Regardless of one’s opinion or political affiliation, the Affordable Care Act establishes what can and cannot be done in the insurance industry today. Instead of learning these legal changes, and the strategy changes derived from this, many brokers have decided to sell their businesses rather than deal with “Obamacare.” We, however, embraced this new legislation as an opportunity to navigate through the obstacles employers face in this industry, both new and old. We truly live by the motto, “where there is change, there is opportunity.” By rolling with the punches, an employer can create an edge in their employee benefits package, both in quality and cost, that many of their competitors will not have, and because of Commercial Benefit Services, Inc. outside the box thinking and extensive experience, we can help you achieve just that.

We believe in collaboration. A good professional does not work with companies, they work with individuals, and small scale, traditional thinking in today’s insurance climate will no longer work. Success in this field requires immense amounts of collaboration so as to attain as much insight and expertise as possible. At Commercial Benefit Services, we work with strategists in many fields, such as attorneys in ACA law and advisors for 401ks, in order to provide amazing tools – such as Minimum Essential Coverage and level funded health insurance strategies, along with legal safeguards for both employees and employers working to avoid IRS penalties. We act as a point of contact for other business insurance as well, including property & casualty. This enables our clients to tap into the talent pool while working within monetary guidelines.

We understand more than the language. As huge a factor as communication is, our role in servicing companies with a primarily Spanish-speaking workforce goes far beyond language alone. We understand the Hispanic culture itself and the fundamental challenges that these employees face – including legal status, language barriers, and other social issues.

2nd day Services. Implementing amazing employee benefit packages is only the start of what we do for you. With our 2nd day services program, you can enjoy unique employee packets, along with in person advisors, being present at all of your employee benefit enrollments. This service also provides accurate payroll deduction reports to ease administrative burdens on your HR staff, online portal training, and most importantly, replies to any and all correspondence sent to us within 24 hours or sooner.